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#68 - Build Your Body From The Outside In, Pooping After Every Meal, and How to NOT Crave Sugar w/Wade Lightheart

December 21, 2018

Today’s guest is a 3 Time Canadian Natural Bodybuilding Champion, an author, and a huge advocate for natural nutrition and training methods. He’s the president of  BiOptimizers , a company that helps to fix gut health, AND the host of the Awesome Health Podcast. It is such an honor to have Wade Lightheart on the show today!

Video Version: https://youtu.be/M57BPWkEtbc

Wade Lightheart's Website: http://www.wadelightheart.net/

Speaker Questions

You’re the first bodybuilding champion we’ve had on the show, tell us how you got started in the world of Bodybuilding?

How did you transition into the world of gut health and digestion, is this something you suffered with personally, did you see a lot of other bodybuilders struggling with this?

So what all do you offer through Bioptimizers? I was browsing the site and the Gluten Guardian caught my eye because my body does not handle gluten well and I know many of our listeners struggle with this too. But it’s more than the supplements, you offer courses and so many resources.

You talk openly about being vegetarian, what caused you to make this decision, and what changes have you noticed in your body since you made the switch?

You are also a fan of Intermittent Fasting, how long have you been doing this, and what is your daily eating window like? What kind of feedback from the body-building community did you get when you started talking about fasting?

Before we get started with listener questions, I always like to ask my guests “what did you eat yesterday?” Walk us through a day in your life.


Listener Questions:

Q1: 24:26

My friend recently purchased a Kangen water system and is a HUGE fan. Not only does she drink it, but she told me about adjusting different PH levels for things like soaking vegetables, treating moles on her skin, showering, etc. I know it is quite the investment, and I am wondering about the science behind how this works, and is it worth the money, or in her head? She tells me it’s not just about the PH, but also the ionization that breaks the water molecules down.

-Amy in Virginia Beach

Q2: 30:21

I’ve been researching proteolytic enzymes because I have heard they can be so good for the inflammation that I deal with, as well as Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Is it safe to take these while I am doing my longer 24-48 hour fasts? Also, are there any particular brands that you recommend? What are some foods that I can eat which are natural sources of these powerful enzymes?

-Clare in Nevada


Q3: 35:38

I had a sinus infection that just wouldn’t go away, and my doctor insisted on putting me on an antibiotic. I hate taking an antibiotic and really didn’t want to do this but it did help me clear up. What can I do/take to get my gut back to normal after the antibiotics infiltrated my system?

-Carter in Gainesville


Q4: 37:32

This is so gross, but something I am so curious about! I recently read something in Women’s Health about different poop colors revealing different health issues, or areas of concern. Is this really true? If so, what should I be looking out for? What are some signs of a really good, healthy poop?



Q5: 39:35

I recently saw an article about Round Up pesticide being traced to cancer, which is scary. I buy about 90% organic produce, but on your podcast the other day, I heard that even some produce from a farmers market could have pesticides on it! How can I know that what I am buying is safe, and how do you recommend that I wash my produce in order to be extra sure?

Laura in Western Branch


Q6: 41:39

This question is so controversial, literally every person/expert says something completely different, same with every article/book that I read on the subject. What is the healthy number of times to go to the bathroom per day or per week? I hear so many people say they go every day, and that is just not the case for me, I am lucky to go 3x week. I feel fine, I don’t have any symptoms that lead me to believe I have gut issues otherwise. Is everyone different?

-Rebecca in North Carolina


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