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#70 - How long does it take to get into Ketosis, can the Keto Diet cause low sex drive, and are Sheep and Goat Diary better than Cow Diary? With Brad Kearns!

January 4, 2019

In this episode we talk to Brad Kearns! He is the Co-Author of “Keto Reset Diet” which was a New York Times Bestseller. He also works with Mark Sisson to promote the Primal Blueprint lifestyle with books, seminars, retreats ,and online courses. He also hosts two podcasts, the “Get Over Yourself” Podcast and the “Primal Endurance” podcast. He’s a triathlete, and fun fact, in 2018, he TWICE broke the Guiness World Record for the fastest single hole of golf ever played. It’s such an honor to have him on the show!

Video version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKUH57eZLiQ&feature=youtu.be 

Brad Kearns website: https://www.bradkearns.com/


Speaker Questions

Q1 - 09:54

I get a lot of questions about Ketosis- how can someone tell when they are in ketosis, how long does it usually take people to get into ketosis, and can one little slip up, like a cookie or something throw you right out of ketosis? Can you talk a little about the state of Ketosis?

Q2 - 12:25

A big piece of this book, and the Keto Reset is Intermittent Fasting, which is of course what we got started talking about on this show. Will you explain how Keto and Intermittent Fasting go hand in hand? What are the hours that you personally eat and fast each day?


Listener Questions

Q1 - 20:11

I ate Keto for almost a year and several months ago I fell off the wagon and have had the hardest time getting back into it. I have a couple good days and then I fall off again. I miss how I feel in Ketosis and really want to get back to it, not only was I losing weight, but I felt GREAT! Do you have any tips to get me back in the zone?

  • Julie in Rock Hill


Q2 - 24:53

Since I struggle with Autoimmune issues, I always assumed gluten was just about the worst thing, but I could eat, but lately I realize that it’s dairy that is really affecting me. I’ve noticed that when I have dairy it just makes me so tired and I feel awful. I don’t want to completely deprive myself and binge out. I’ve heard that sheep and goat dairy are the best forms of dairy that I should focus on. What are your thoughts on dairy, and if I were to have just a little, what are some of the best sources?

  • Lisa in Greenville


Q3 - 26:47

I’ve heard nightmare stories about starting the Keto diet, including the Keto Flu, and everything else from bad breath, constipation, to low sex drive. I want to get started, but all of these horror stories kind of freak me out. What are some things I can do to make the transition smoother?

  • Jamie in Virginia Beach


Q4 - 32:40 

What are some of your favorite keto sweet treats? I am not a huge sweet person but sometimes I just want a little bite of something. One thing I enjoy is a spoon or two of whipped cream, which is only about 1 carb per TBSP, but I know the chemicals in it are not good for me. What are some better alternatives?

  • Kyle in Arizona


Q5 - 34:37

I’ve lost about 60 pounds over the past year following Intermittent Fasting and the Keto diet. I have about 15 lbs left to go (20 would be nice), and those last few lbs are just so stubborn? I am doing the same thing I’ve been doing, just so stalled! What should I do?

  • Joanne in Idaho


Q6 - 38:06

Is there a difference in the Keto diet, versus Atkins and South Beach? My friends try to tell me they are the same thing with a different name, but I feel like Atkins and South Beach are focused more on low carbs and include a lot more artificial ingredients like their bars and frozen meals. What are some other differences?

  • Sarah in Madison



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