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#75 How to treat Psoriasis, is Hemp oil good for your skin, and what is the best type of Tea to drink. With Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman!

February 1, 2019

Today’s guest is a second-time guest, Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman! She is an award-winning nutritionist and New York Times Best Selling Author of over 30 books on health and nutrition including diet, detox, women’s health, perimenopause, menopause, beauty, and the environment. SELF Magazine recognized her as one of the Top 10 Notable Nutritionists in the United States, and she’s known as the First Lady of Nutrition. It is such an honor to have her on the show again!

Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman's Website: https://annlouise.com/

Bile Builder: https://unikeyhealth.com/products/bile-builder

Video Version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TCls4yWhREc&feature=youtu.be


Listener Questions:


04:23 - Q: A couple of my friends have been talking about trying the “Amazing Gallbladder and Liver Flush” and I wanted to see if you were familiar with this, and if it was something that you recommend?

  • Brandy in New Hampshire


07:00 - Q: I really enjoyed your podcast with Dr Gittleman and am so excited she is coming back on the show! On the last episode, she talked about not being a big fan of kombucha, but didn’t elaborate too much. I was thrown off by this because kombucha seems to be all the rage in my healthy circles. Could you talk some more about pros and cons of kombucha, and what I should be looking out for?

  • Lauren in North Carolina


13:20 - Q: With it being the New Year, a lot of my friends are talking about resolutions, and some of them are trying to give up coffee. Some of them say the problem with their coffee is everything that they add to it, while others say that they’ve heard caffeine ages you. One friend simply said she doesn’t want to depend on coffee to get through her day. I can give up a lot of things if I need to, but coffee would be really hard for me! What is your opinion on the pros and cons of coffee? I either drink it black, or with a little cream.

  • Tricia in Vienna


18:11 - Q: I live right behind a police station, and recently received a letter that some heavy metals were found on site and in the water. The letter recommended that all residents with a ½ mile radius have their ground water well tested for contaminates, and said that the City Health and Public Works Department will come out and test this for free. None of my neighbors seem to be freaking out about this, but I am. Have you heard of something like this before? I have scheduled my appointment, which is a few weeks out. In the meantime, should I be avoiding my water? Drinking it, showering in it, etc. And there are the what if’s after the Health Department comes out…if they say the water is safe, should I continue business as usual, and if it is not safe, what should I do? HELP!

  • Courtney in Virginia Beach



21:04 - Q: My mom had gallbladder issues in her 40s, and had to have it removed after a lot of pain and complications. I want to do things that promote good gallbladder health so that I can keep mine as long as possible. What kinds of foods should I be eating or avoiding, and are there any supplements that you recommend?

  • Tracie in Winston Salem


22:55 - Anonymous Question


23:55 - Q: I deal with hypothyroidism, and have recently been learning how that is related to my bile and gallbladder. It’s all so confusing, I am trying to figure out if my gallbladder is causing thyroid issues or my thyroid is causing my gallbladder issues, but I keep hearing people talk about how I need to create healthy bile! Can you talk about how these two are related (the thyroid and the gallbladder), and the role of bile?

  • Rose in Destin


27:16 - Q: I recently heard a doctor on another podcast talking about olive oil. He said it is the best thing ever for us, and that we can’t get enough of it, that we should be putting it on everything that we eat! I was wondering if you agree with this, first of all, and also, if there is such thing as too much healthy fats. Will the hurt my gallbladder?

  • Kim in Ohio


30:53 - Q: I tried to give blood today, and the nurse on the bloodmobile told me that my iron was too low. This is the first I’ve heard of this being an issue for me! What are some things I can do to improve my iron?

-Lexi in Norfolk


32:10 - Q: I eat really healthy, work out 5x week, have been doing Intermittent Fasting in about a 6 hour window, but I am still really tired! Everything seems to be fine except my Ferratin levels are low, while my iron is normal. What is the difference in iron levels and Ferratin levels, and could this be what is making me tired?

  • Sarah in Providence


40:44 - Q: My thyroid is getting a little better since I’ve been fasting, but my numbers still aren’t back to normal.  My doctor has said that I am low in iodine, and that I can get iodine in dairy. But I thought dairy wasn’t good for my thyroid? I am so tired of this conflicting information! What can I do to raise my iodine levels and should I be eating dairy?

  • Becky in New York


43:24 - Q: I have been really trying to follow the 80/20 principle and have cleaned up my diet a lot, even getting rid of dairy and gluten but my Psoriasis and eczema are still out of control. Do you have any other tips I can try?

 - Anonymous



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