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Can the Keto Diet lower your Sex Drive?? with Brad Kearns - Podcast Preview from #70

January 7, 2019

Today's guest is Brad Kearns! He is the Co-Author of “Keto Reset Diet” which was a New York Times Bestseller. He also works with Mark Sisson to promote the Primal Blueprint lifestyle with books, seminars, retreats ,and online courses. He also hosts two podcasts, the “Get Over Yourself” Podcast and the “Primal Endurance” podcast. He’s a triathlete, and fun fact, in 2018, he TWICE broke the Guiness World Record for the fastest single hole of golf ever played. It’s such an honor to have him on the show!

In this Podcast Preview, Brad Kearns talks about sex drive! Find out if it's normal for a diet change like the Keto Diet should lower your sex drive or not.


Full version: https://chantelray.podbean.com/e/wa70/ 

Video version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKUH57eZLiQ&feature=youtu.be 

Brad Kearns website: https://www.bradkearns.com/



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